Myanmar (Burma) – Active Emergency Zone

Recorded early-October 2017


Please note: Donations made toward IRUSA’s Myanmar fund may be used to support important emergency or long-term work across the country, or for Myanmar refugees in other countries.

Recorded early-October 2017

Recorded mid-September 2017

Thousands of people across Myanmar (also known as Burma), are displaced, unable to return to their homes. The United Nations estimates that more than 168,000 people have been displaced since inter-community conflict erupted in 2012.

About 500,000 people have sought shelter in Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar in late August 2017, according to the United Nations.

And continued tensions keep many in danger and in need of help. That exacerbates other problems, such as food insecurity: According to the World Food Program, more than 162,000 people are facing food insecurity and another 78,000 people are in need of immediate food assistance.

The Islamic Relief USA community, in combination with the Islamic Relief global family, has helped hundreds of thousands of people suffering in Myanmar. As a family, Islamic Relief has been providing aid across Myanmar since 2012. And in 2015, an official office, Islamic Relief Myanmar, opened.

But as the conditions on the ground remain bleak, the number of people who need assistance and the need for more support grows.

While many of our humanitarian programs in the area have now been completed, Islamic Relief USA continues efforts throughout the year with its seasonal Ramadan and Qurbani distributions to those in need. Islamic Relief is also actively working to implement more programs and emergency aid distributions to help those affected by on-going conflict and violence in the region. Your support is essential to getting these efforts in place.

Please keep those affected and those working to help them in your prayers.

Please understand, the situation on the ground is extremely volatile, and security of staff, volunteers, our counterparts and beneficiaries is of top concern——we will do our best to update this page with as much information as we can, but there may be a delay in doing so. For their safety, we also must refrain from naming particular partnerships or individuals, and may have to preserve certain details.

The Impact

Food Aid in Their Time of Need

Here is just one sample of the importance of supporting efforts for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. This was taken during Ramadan 2015. Listen to their own words as they recount what they have endured and how much your donations mean to them.



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