Sri Lanka

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Focus on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history. Poor economic management has dragged Sri Lanka into debt, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation. Fuel shortages have resulted in food insecurity; hospitals are unable to support people in need; and tourism, a major source of revenue for the country, has come to a halt. 

To add, the country relies heavily on imports. Since the country’s currency has collapsed by 80%, imports are more expensive and the country is unable to import fuel, medicine, and other essential commodities. The people of Sri Lanka are suffering, and this devastating economic threat is one that has the potential to leave a lasting impact.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Sri Lanka

Islamic Relief has served in Sri Lanka since 2004, and continues to provide humanitarian and development assistance across the country today.

A few of our interventions include:

  • Access to clean and safe water and education
  • Sustainable livelihood support 
  • Emergency aid for natural disasters including floods and landslides
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