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Act Now: Survivors Across East Africa and Indonesia Need Support

Drought is devastating families across East Africa. In Kenya alone, some 1.4 million people need humanitarian aid. The situation is causing rising malnutrition, disease, and even domestic and inter-communal violence. We must act quickly to help those in need.

And in Indonesia, families are reeling from a cycle-earthquake combination this April that has caused widespread devastation. Nearly 200 people have died, and thousands are now homeless.

We’ve posted more details below. Please read, share, and donate—our ability to help depends on it!

Focus on Supporting Survivors

Islamic Relief’s global family and partnerships—including local staff in more than three dozen countries—maximize IRUSA’s ability to respond to urgent situations with speed and efficiency. We also maintain the highest standards of best practices, dignity, and cultural sensitivity, and we make sure that our response aligns with survivors’ needs immediately, for the longer-term, or both!

IRUSA’s emergency aid efforts can include distribution of items such as food, water, financial aid, and more. Construction of temporary shelters and providing vital medical aid are often priorities too. And when applicable, we work with community groups on the ground to assess what we can do to help with longer-term recovery, rebuilding, and revitalization efforts.

In the United States specifically, IRUSA’s Disaster Response Team (DRT) serve as first responders for emergencies. From natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires to tragedies like the Pulse and Parkland shootings, the DRT team continues to be one of the first humanitarian teams nationwide to lend a helping hand to people in their most trying hours.

We Need YOUR Help

Read below to learn more about our latest emergency responses and how you can help survivors.

East Africa

Location:  Kenya and South Sudan

Date: April 2021

Our Response:

As information from the ground is still developing, Islamic Relief is moving fast to get survivors essential items, including food aid, clean water, and support for their dying livestock.

Families across Kenya and South Sudan have been hit hard by a drought that is leading to hunger, thirst, disease, and worse: The strain on resources has meant that livestock are dying, affecting livelihoods. There have been reports of domestic and inter-communal violence as well.

In Kenya alone, an estimated 1.4 million people face acute food insecurity and need humanitarian assistance.

Islamic Relief staff are on the ground, providing emergency relief to families in need, but we need your support to reach more people and to provide more aid.

Please give generously.


Location:  Balukhali Refugee Camp

Date: March 22, 2021; ongoing

Our Response:

As information from the ground is still developing, Islamic Relief is moving fast to get survivors essential items, including emergency tents, latrines, hygiene kits including face masks and covid-19 protective material, and other items such as clothes and mosquito nets.

The needs will grow in the coming period as further needs become evident.

Reports are that hundreds of homes and other essential facilities have been affected. There are reports of fatalities but these have not yet been confirmed. At least 90,000 people have been affected, with numbers expected to rise in the coming days

Islamic Relief Bangladesh (via its local partner) has an ongoing project in the same camp. At this stage, we don’t know if the project activities have been affected by the fire.

As information from the ground is still developing,

All of this also compounded with COVID-19. The virus continues to make its way through vulnerable communities who we are working with to provide critical aid.

Indonesia Earthquake and Cyclone Emergency

Location:  Indonesia

Date: April 2021; ongoing

Our Response:

URGENT: Earthquake and Cyclone Slam Indonesia

After a week of a one-two punch cyclone and earthquake, families across Indonesia are reeling from tragedy. Islamic Relief staff on the ground report that there is an urgent need for water, food, and other nonfood essential items. Your donation right now can help deliver this critical aid to these families that need your compassion now. Feel their pain, and please give.

PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Global Humanitarian Aid fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in the United States or across the world.
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