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Our vision at Islamic Relief is a world free of poverty – and hunger is deeply intertwined with poverty. More than enough food is produced around the world to feed the global population. However, as many as 829 million people go to bed hungry each night – nearly 10% of the global population. The problem is access and availability of nutritious food, which is exacerbated by conflict and climate change.

In Islam, it is incumbent upon us to feed those in need. “He is not a believer who eats his fill whilst his neighbor beside him goes hungry,” [Bukhari]. Food aid is the largest sector of Islamic Relief’s humanitarian aid. Our food aid programs range from worldwide distribution during the Ramadan and Qurbani seasons to mobilized deliveries right here at home. Across the globe, we’re working hard to make sure that our neighbors have enough to eat.

A Sample of Islamic Relief Food Programs


Specifically designed to complement projects that provide sustainable ways to improve the quality of living of our brothers and sisters around the world, our Ramadan food program is a major part of our campaign to end hunger and poverty. In 2023, Islamic Relief was able to feed over 337,358 people in 29 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Qurbani/Udhiyah is our biggest single food-sharing program. For many people who receive this gift, it is the only meat they will eat all year. In 2023, you shared Qurbani/Udhiyah with 371,849 people in 27 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

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Hot Meals

As Islam teaches us, charity starts at home. Through our Hot Meals program, we’re working to alleviate food insecurity in major urban cities across the US. With your support, we’re able to reach vulnerable groups and communities whose food and nutrition security have been adversely affected by poverty.

For only $10, you can provide a hot meal for your neighbor in need. To take part in this effort, visit

Summer Food Service Program

We strive to increase access to food and support those struggling not only during the school year, but the summer as well. According to a report from the Food Research Action Center, only one in six students receive free or reduced-price meals over the summer. That’s why IRUSA is a proud supporter of the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program, a program dedicated to combat food insecurity by providing safe spaces for children in need to receive meals during their summer break. In 2023 alone, we provided 51,000 people with healthy, balanced meals across seven states.

And that’s not all – during the holidays, Islamic Relief works to give the gift of food. Read more about our Turkey Distributions and MLK Day of Service. To learn how your nonprofit can get involved with IRUSA’s food programs, visit

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