When used effectively, technology can help Muslims become closer to Allah. While waiting on the train or at the doctor, an Islamic app can come in handy to help you log hundreds of good deeds in your book instead of staring at the ceiling. That’s why, IRUSA has developed TWO apps that you can use to do everything from looking up baby names to making donations to reading Qur’an: the IRUSA App and the Sadaqah App.



Whether you’re on the go or on the sofa, connecting with Islamic Relief USA and additional useful resources is now at your fingertips wherever you are.

Not only does this app let you make donations on the go, but you can also calculate your zakat, read Qur’an, search through a library of dua, find the Qibla, and figure out the right prayer times for where you are.

Connecting to change starts with you, and this app helps you see that through.

Learn more here: irusa.app.



Did you know that there are 38+ different types of sadaqah? From providing orphans with financial support to giving villages access to clean water, we are blessed with a variety of ways we can help those around us.

Every month, Sadaqah will introduce you to a new category of charitable giving where you can learn more about the benefits and blessings described in the Quran and Sunnah while learning about the projects that will benefit from your generosity.

Learn more here: irusa.org/sadaqahapp


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