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A second wave of Covid cases has devastated India. Every second, four new cases of Covid-19 are being recorded with two new deaths per minute. Cases are surging by hundreds of thousands per day, hitting record peaks with graveyards completely overwhelmed.

There are not enough hospital beds, ventilators, or food. Worse, families are driving over 200 miles to receive treatment–and they are often being turned away.

“India’s coronavirus second wave is rapidly sliding into a devastating crisis, with hospitals unbearably full, oxygen supplies running low, desperate people dying in line waiting to see doctors. Each day, the government reports more than 300,000 new infections, a world record, and India is now seeing more new infections than any other country by far, almost half of all new cases in a global surge.” – The New York Times

“Almost every hospital is on the edge. If oxygen runs out, there is no leeway for many patients,” Dr. Sumit Ray.

Islamic Relief teams are working hard to get oxygen, PPE, and other essential supplies to those who need treatment. We can only do this with your support.

Please read, share, and donate—our ability to help depends on it!

Aid for Balukhali Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh Continues

After a fire ravaged a refugee camp in Bangladesh March 22, Islamic Relief staff moved fast to get survivors essential items, including emergency tents, latrines, hygiene kits including face masks and covid-19 protective material, and other items such as clothes and mosquito nets. Now, we are working to build 500 transitional shelters for families who were left homeless after the fire.

The efforts to get aid to survivors continue. Your donations help make this happen!

Islamic Relief’s Legacy Across Asia

Islamic Relief has been on the front lines of humanitarian aid for Asia since 1993.

Our first calls to action in the region were to provide emergency relief. Since then, our dedication to work across Asia has expanded to include education, development initiatives, vocational training, women’s literacy, orphan sponsorship, Islamic microfinance, poverty alleviation, and water, sanitation, and hygiene. And most recently, we’ve focused our energies on helping refugees across the region—like those from Myanmar—get the essentials they need to survive.

Donors, like you, support these efforts because they know of the great impact we can have when we join together to serve our sisters and brothers in need.

Our reach across Asia, 2017-2019

1,262,000+ PEOPLE SERVED
IRUSA helps millions across the world

For over 18 years, Islamic Relief has been one of few international organizations to continuously work in Afghanistan—our range of projects provide access to clean water, sanitation, education, food, and emergency relief.


From working with vulnerable communities to strengthen their resilience to natural disasters, to promoting Islamic microfinance and sustainable livelihood projects, IR is heavily present in Bangladesh.


In 1994, Islamic Relief began providing emergency relief and implementing developmental projects in India. Since then, projects including livelihood development, education, water and sanitation, and more have been implemented.


Islamic Relief has been delivering aid to the people of Indonesia since 2000. Situated in a region prone to natural disasters, the country has suffered earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and floods.


Islamic Relief has supported aid efforts in Myanmar since 2012. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially IDPs and refugees who are or were in neighboring Bangladesh and Indonesia, continue to be helped with immediate needs like food and shelter.


In April 2015, the Gorkha earthquake struck Nepal and killed nearly 9,000. In the aftermath, Islamic Relief was on the ground providing thousands of vulnerable survivors with food, shelter, and hygiene kits.


Starting with Ramadan and Qurbani food distributions in 1992, programs for those in need across Pakistan have expanded to include development initiatives and vital emergency relief after natural disasters.


After Typhoon Haiyan struck, which affected 14 million people in the Philippines in 2013, Islamic Relief provided vital aid to those affected. Since then, programs have focused on shelter, livelihood through business-building, and vocational training.


Islamic Relief began work in Sri Lanka in 2004 in response to the catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami. Since then, Islamic Relief has implemented livelihood programs, orphan support, and food aid efforts to serve those in need.


Islamic Relief’s long legacy of humanitarian work extends beyond the countries listed above. Here is more information about other countries in Asia that have been positive impacted by the generosity of donors like you.

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