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Focus on Pakistan

While nearly 13% of Pakistan’s population lives on less than $1.25 a day according to the United Nations, the country’s poverty rate has dropped significantly over the past decade. Other indicators of quality of life, such as unemployment and malnutrition, are also improving, but slowly.

Pakistan also regularly experiences floods like the one in August 2020, droughts, and earthquakes, causing additional strain on the economy and affecting the livelihoods and lives of families all across the country.

With all this considered, one thing remains clear: The people of Pakistan are resilient, and with the support of donors like you, families in need there can access opportunities to break the chains of poverty and move toward success.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Pakistan

Islamic Relief has been providing services in Pakistan since 1992. Islamic Relief Pakistan opened its first office in Islamabad in 1994 and now works from multiple offices across the country.

Here’s just a sampling of our recent efforts for families in need across Pakistan:

  • Sponsoring orphan families to open access to financial aid, education, or more
  • Delivering urgent food aid to vulnerable families
  • Implementing innovative micro-financing plans to help low-income families start businesses

Our reach across Pakistan 2017-2019

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We Need YOUR Help

As much as we’ve been able to accomplish, there is still so much more to do. If we work together—with YOU—we can make the vision of better Pakistan a reality for so many more of our sisters and brothers in need.


PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Pakistan fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in Pakistan or for refugees from Pakistan living in other countries.
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