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PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Europe fund may serve urgent or long-term programs across Europe.

Envisioning a Better Europe

We were there during the worst of the war when our brothers and sisters needed our help to survive. We stayed by their side through decades on the long road to recovery. Today, we’re still there. Through our innovative programs, we are able to provide children in need and vulnerable families with the resources they need to thrive.

Bosnia Refugee Camps Suffer from Raging Fires

Over 3,000 people were awakened to their camp site homes destroyed by raging fires. Families have  no where to go and the threat of COVID-19 still looms heavy over the entire situation. The situation is even more dire due to the freezing cold and drastic drops in temperature.

Decades of Support

Our legacy of service has been able to grow through the support of dedicated IRUSA donors. From Bosnia to Albania, Chechnya to Kosovo, humanitarian aid is reaching our brothers and sisters who have struggled but thrived through unemployment, poverty, hunger, inter-ethnic violence, and war. Thank you for being there for them when we first started and for continuing to show them your compassion now.

Our reach across Europe, 2017-2019

IRUSA helps millions across the world

Islamic Relief started working in Albania in 1991 after war and unrest had effectively isolated Albania and hampered already impoverished living conditions for millions of Albanians.


Islamic Relief began working in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992 to provide vital emergency assistance to the people during the Bosnian War. Islamic Relief was actually one of the first international, nongovernmental organizations to start delivering aid.


Islamic Relief was one of the first aid agencies to assist Chechens affected by conflict in the mid-’90s and has been working in the Northern Caucasus since 1995. Islamic Relief responded immediately to help refugees—relief teams pitched tents.


Islamic Relief has played a major role in the postwar reconstruction and rehabilitation effort in Kosovo, and has been working in the area since 1999. The Islamic Relief Kosovo office later opened in the capital city of Pristina.


In 2016, upwards of 140,000 asylum seekers arrived in Europe from Syria and Iraq causing a strain on logistics and crisis intervention for the entire region. Just between January and September 2017, one of out every six refugees were children.


Islamic Relief’s long legacy of humanitarian work extends beyond the countries listed above. Here is more information about other countries in Europe that have been positively impacted by the generosity of donors like you.

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