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can help deliver food aid to a family suffering from hunger
can provide vital relief to emergency survivors
can implement livelihood programs for widows and orphaned-families
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Years of Poverty and War, Yet Kosovars Resolve to Succeed

Kosovo is one of the poorest countries in Europe, as the World Bank places the population in Kosovo at poverty rates of about 80%. The Kosovo Agency of Statistics reported 29.7% (540,000 citizens, or 100,000 families) of its population of 1.8 million are considered poor. Most people depending on assistance (such as widows and orphans) live in rural areas.

Years of inter-ethnic violence have severely impeded the welfare of Kosovo’s people. Nearly 1 million people fled Kosovo when war broke out in 1996. When these refugees returned, they found their homes, schools, and livelihoods destroyed. Since then, significant progress has been made to repair the devastating damage caused by war, but the people of Kosovo continue to suffer from severe lingering poverty.

With all this considered, one thing remains clear: The people of Kosovo are resilient and, with the support of donors like you, families in need there can access opportunities to break the chains of poverty and move toward success.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Kosovo

In recent years, Islamic Relief USA has provided winter aid and livelihood support to communities in need throughout Kosovo. Winter projects have been solely focused on providing much-needed aid to orphans and their families in the form of food, blankets, firewood, and wood stoves. IRUSA’s livelihood projects center on facilitating farming opportunities to ensure sustainable futures for many.

Here’s just a sampling of our recent work across Kosovo:

  • Implementing livelihood programs for rural communities
  • Delivering urgent aid to help those vulnerable to harsh weather
  • Providing essential foods to help families suffering from hunger

We Need YOUR Help

As much as we’ve been able to accomplish, there is still so much more to do. If we work together—with YOU—we can make the vision of a better Kosovo a reality for so many more of our sisters and brothers in need.

$1,000 can help build innovative livelihood programs
$250 can support orphans in need and their families
$50 can provide vital food packages to families suffering from starvation


PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Kosovo fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in Kosovo or for Kosovar refugees in other countries.
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