help a family receive seeds to harvest produce
support widows to become entrepreneurs to provide for themselves and their families
create a foundation for vocational training programs that will break the chains of poverty for entire communities
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Focus on Livelihood

Poverty is one of the most pressing problems our world faces today. According to the World Bank, about 9.2% of the world lives in poverty. That’s 719 million people struggling to live on less than $2.15 a day. Poverty is multidimensional, and those affected often experience deprivations in health, education, and living standards. The cycle of poverty is difficult to break. But there’s hope. 

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Livelihood

Islamic Relief is truly dedicated to our livelihood programs. Around the world, we’re helping vulnerable communities build better lives for themselves for generations to come. 

A few of our interventions include: 

  • Enrolling women in farming micro-enterprise programs to enhance self-sufficiency in Sierra Leone 
  • Providing skill-based training and access to employment opportunities for men, women, and youth in Yemen
  • Improving the economic well being of youth in Iraq through skill-based training and provision of start-up toolkits 
  • Increasing employment opportunities in the agricultural sector for Syrian refugees and Turkish host communities alike
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