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can support maternal and natal health programs for women and babies
can support vocational training for vulnerable women
can help widows and their orphaned children gain access to invaluable resources
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Act for Mama: Sign the Pledge

The For Mama campaign launched on Sept. 7, 2023 by a coalition of US and UK faith-inspired philanthropies and donors, including Islamic Relief USA, to highlight the plight facing many mothers and babies across the world who do not have proper access to care and nutrition. We commit to supporting programs for women and children that bring easy access to food and healthcare. Join us, and take the pledge to Act for Mama.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Women’s Programs

When living conditions worsen for vulnerable communities, they worsen at even higher rates for women. In destitute circumstances, many women are left widowed, making them the sole providers for themselves and their families. Helping empower women is essential to development across the globe, and providing access to equal opportunities and resources is integral to the mission of Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief is dedicated to our women’s programs across the various sectors we work in including food aid; water and sanitation, health, and education; socio-economic empowerment; and sustainable livelihood opportunities. Around the world, we’re helping women become leaders, not only in their homes, but their communities.

This year, we are turning the spotlight on programs that center maternal health, like these:

  • In Afghanistan: Increasing access to maternal and child health services; enhancing under-five children and pregnant/lactating women (PLW) nutrition; and improving overall health for mothers and babies.
  • In Niger: Improving access to quality and timely nutrition health care services for children; enhancing human resources for effective malnutrition management and nutrition services in health centers; empowering women with the proper tools to control nutrition-responsive food production systems; and much more.
  • In Palestine: Enhancing NGO hospitals’ capacity to provide high-quality healthcare to women and children, namely through the construction of a hospital newborn nursery unit; enhancing NGO primary care clinics’ capacity to provide high-quality healthcare to women and children, namely through procurement of medicines, nutritive supplements, medical disposables, and laboratory reagents for antenatal and well-child care; and purchasing and installing dental units and other needed equipment.
  • In Yemen: Rehabilitating and improving the nutrition of acutely malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women; improving the skills of health workers and community health volunteers to help manage acute malnutrition and more; and improving food security for families suffering from malnutrition.

We Need YOUR Help

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to accomplish so much. But there’s still so much more to do. By continuing to support our efforts towards women’s programs, you can help make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need.

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