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PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Middle East fund may serve urgent or long-term programs across the Middle East, including North Africa.

Women are often the most affected by crises around the world, forcing them to take on roles and responsibilities that they never imagined. In the Middle East, prolonged conflict and natural disasters have destroyed the communities and economies that once thrived. Now millions are displaced from what was once their home and have become refugees. Many women have lost husbands and children. They are thrown into the chaos, not knowing what will happen next in their life. For many women, earning a livelihood has now become a need. For many young girls, going to school has become a wish as well.

By implementing many programs such as emergency food projects, water system development, and livelihood training for vulnerable women, IRUSA is helping the Middle East to keep moving forward. And right now, in emergency zones like Syria and Yemen, the dedication of donors is providing urgent medical aid, food supplies, shelter and more to those in need. It’s only through your compassion and your continued support that our brothers and sisters throughout the region know that they are not alone.

A vision for a better world must include a better life for our sisters and brothers in need across the Middle East. Thank you for being there for them during their most difficult times, and for continuing to work with us to make this vision a reality.

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