Focus on Libya

Political volatility, long-term effects of the pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have all stifled Libya’s economy. Over 50% of the youth population is unemployed, one of the highest rates in the world. To add, Libya is home to various vulnerable populations including over 300,000 internally displaced people and nearly 700,000 returnees, as well as many refugees and migrants. Unfortunately, access to basic services including healthcare, education, and proper housing is made extremely difficult for them.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Libya

Earlier this year, Islamic Relief committed to help families across Libya. In addition to our initial emergency response, our focus is on long-term development assistance to help pull vulnerable communities out of the cycle of poverty.

A few interventions include:

  • Food aid
  • Access to clean drinking water

Thank You

As of now, programming and fundraising for Libya is temporarily paused. We are currently working on solutions to reinstate our work, and will update this page with developments as they are made available. Thank you.

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