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Focus on Iraq

Two decades of conflict has taken its toll on the people of Iraq. In 2017, over 3.2 million people were forcibly displaced, mostly migrating to the northern region of the country. Today, many of them are still living as refugees, suffering from a lack of access to basic needs such as proper healthcare and equal employment opportunities. To add, Iraq plays host to over 260,000 Syrian refugees, many of whom also reside in the northern region.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Iraq

Islamic Relief has been working in Iraq since 1997. Our goal is to provide emergency and long-term aid to vulnerable communities across the country including internally displaced people (IDPs) and Syrian refugees. 

A few of our interventions include:

  • Orphan family support
  • Humanitarian aid for IDPs across Northern Iraq including food aid and non-food items such as hygiene kits, clothing, and essential household items
  • Winter aid for IDPs and Syrian refugees alike
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