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Focus on Sudan

Sudan’s history is rife with conflict, both man-made, including the separation of South Sudan in 2011, and natural, including flood emergencies: According to, “since the start of 2020, the population of the Sudan has faced numerous challenges including desert locust invasions, which may return and worsen as the current floods improve breeding conditions, and the COVID-19 pandemic that has contributed to the highest annual inflation rate in decades.” As a result, Sudan’s residents have to struggle against these strangling factors to try to make ends meet: 9.6 million people in the country face acute food insecurity at crisis-level or worse!

With all this considered, one thing remains clear: The people of Sudan are resilient and, with the support of donors like you, families in need there can access opportunities to break the chains of poverty and move toward success.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Sudan

Sudan is the first country the Islamic Relief global family provided relief to through a famine emergency response in 1984. Since then, Islamic Relief USA has worked to provide humanitarian aid and development work in the region as permitted by U.S. law. Aid has included emergency response to flood survivors as well as food aid. Our development work has been focused on school rehabilitation, education support, and enhancing the food security and livelihood opportunities for local communities.

Here’s just a sampling of recent efforts for families in need across Sudan

  • Providing emergency aid to families who have recently experienced floods
  • Rehabilitating water and sanitation systems so that communities have easy, safe access
  • Training farmers and fishermen, both male and female, and providing them with the tools and resources to succeed

We Need YOUR Help

As much as we’ve been able to accomplish, there is still so much more to do. If we work together—with YOU—we can make the vision of better Sudan a reality for so many more of our sisters and brothers in need.


PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Sudan fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in Sudan or for refugees from Sudan living in other countries.
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