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Alert: Drought Devastates Families in Kenya

Families across Kenya, and into other parts of East Africa, have been hit hard by a drought that has hurt food and clean water access, and is leading to increased spread of disease, killing off livestock, and even causing inter-communal and domestic violence.

Islamic Relief staff is working to bring urgent aid to those affected, focusing on food, water, and veterinary help for livestock. Your donations are the only way this can happen. Please give generously.

We will update this page once more information becomes available.

Focus on Kenya

Extended periods of drought have plagued Kenya for years. Climate strongly affects the country’s food supply and economy, which can fluctuate frequently depending on the rain and security situations in the region. Food security in Kenya has deteriorated in recent years, due to below-normal harvests that followed a combination of poor rains and flooding. An estimated 1.4 million people in Kenya are facing hunger.

Kenyan children, mothers and elderly are particularly susceptible to hunger-related illnesses and death.

With all this considered, one thing remains clear: The people of Kenya are resilient and, with the support of donors like you, families in need there can access opportunities to break the chains of hunger and poverty, and move toward success.

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Kenya

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya since 1993, and the Islamic Relief Kenya office was registered more than a decade later. Kenya was one of several African countries supported by IR’s Africa Food Crisis campaign.

Here’s just a sampling of recent efforts for families in need across Kenya

  • Providing drought-prone households with financial support and urgent aid in times of emergency
  • Opening better access to primary health care, education, clean water, and more to vulnerable communities
  • Increasing agro-pastoral income through livelihood programming

We Need YOUR Help

As much as we’ve been able to accomplish, there is still so much more to do. If we work together—with YOU—we can make the vision of better Kenya a reality for so many more of our sisters and brothers in need.


PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Kenya fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in Kenya or for refugees from Kenya living in other countries.

Stories from the Ground

Fadumo Unleashes Her Inner Business Woman

Fadumo is a mother of 8. When we met her, her elder daughter had to help her by working in a small shop. The family consists of 10 people. They had no one else to assist them with family support.

This is what Fadumo told us: “We used eat once or twice a day—morning and evening—and most of our daily meals consisted of maize, beans, and rice. We seldom had fruits and vegetables. Our diets was very poor because of more carbohydrates, with little vitamins and proteins

It is certainly a challenge to feed a such big family with ten members, and buying food depends on our daily income. If we didn’t have enough food, we had to take from our friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Without proper food, it’s difficult to survive, and poor diets have bad effects on health—especially for children, pregnant, lactating, and old-aged people. Poor nutrition may cause diseases related to malnutrition and diseases common in children and pregnant women.

Since we received microfinance cash support from Islamic Relief, our living standard has improved, alhamdulillah. Our normal life is good, and now we can cover and buy our basic needs.

Thanks to Islamic Relief for providing us with microcredit cash distribution. We are so happy to receive this model project. This will serve our daily income for buying food and everything for our entire family.

My family and I are especially happy to receive this cash grant and assistance from Islamic Relief and this has allowed me to open and run a small shop in my house which has been reconstructed by Islamic Relief, and now is functional thanks to the cash and asset given to me.”

I’m happy and I thank to Allah, Islamic Relief, and the donors and I wish our Muslim donors the best.”

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