L.A. Times | How to help Pakistan as it struggles with relentless flooding


A view of people standing in floodwaters near a row of buildings and partially submerged vehicles
People navigate flooded roads after heavy monsoon rains in Hyderabad, Pakistan, on Aug. 24. Heavy rains have triggered flash floods and wreaked havoc across much of Pakistan since mid-June.
(Pervez Masih / Associated Press)


“The wettest August in Pakistan since 1961 has killed 1,300 people and washed away thousands of homes, displacing more than 33 million people.

The incessant rainfall in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan has submerged whole communities, and the threat of cholera, dengue and other waterborne diseases looms.

Local, national and international organizations are aiding the country, including UNICEF, which said relief and rescue operations remain “extremely hard to carry out” because “many communities are still cut off by floodwater.” It says it has been working closely with the government and other partners to get children in the affected areas the critical support they need as soon as possible.

In addition to UNICEF, here are some of the local, national and international efforts looking for your help to support the flooding victims in Pakistan.


Islamic Relief USA

What it does: Islamic Relief USA spearheads relief efforts and collaborates with other aid groups to deliver humanitarian assistance faster and more efficiently.

How you can help: In the coming year, Islamic Relief plans to help rebuild Pakistan by reconstructing damaged homes and infrastructure, revitalizing the agricultural sector, establishing shelters for women and children and providing mental health services. It will also continue to support the country through food aid and cash assistance. To support these efforts you can make a one-time or monthly monetary donation.”


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