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Islamic Relief USA has partnered with the United Way in their initiative with the RYSE project to end homeless among school aged children in Roanoke, VA.

More than 46 million Americans—including nearly 16 million children—live in poverty.  That’s about one in seven of us! Our neighbors are suffering from hunger, homelessness and poverty.  That’s why the IRUSA community is dedicated to fighting hunger here at home by providing food aid to those in need: watch this video about our 2017 Ramadan Food Box Pack Out events.

And during emergencies, these conditions get even harsher—like those recently affected by the Oroville Dam issue and floods in California or in 2016, by Hurricane Matthew. Your Disaster Response Team helped those in need, but these efforts are not possible without your support: give to USA Humanitarian Aid.

Our dedication to humanitarianism in the U.S. lasts all year long, alhamdulillah. So, join the movement now to fight poverty here at home by volunteering, donating and advocating for humanitarian programs across the country.


Expand the reach of humanitarian work.

Support long-term and emergency aid.

Inspire others to join the movement.

Apply for a US Community Grant.

“Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should serve his neighbor generously …” The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), as narrated by Sahih Al-Bukhari

IRUSA donors just like you work hard to fight poverty across the country every day. Support to the USA Humanitarian Aid fund helps see these vital efforts through. From emergency aid distributions, like those for flood survivors in California to bringing clean water to those who desperately need it in places like Flint to lifting our struggling neighbors up as they seek pathways to success—your gifts achieve great things! Learn more in the Projects section below.

United States Donor Report (updated: June 2016).





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