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A Day of Service for Our Neighbors in Need

 The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, especially for those living in poverty. According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 37.2 million Americans currently live in poverty.   

Day of Dignity creates an opportunity for caring individuals from diverse communities to provide services to their neighbors in need. Food, clothing, blankets, and hygiene kits are just some of the items distributed during Day of Dignity events. And, often, free medical care, screenings and even barber services are provided. Entertainment is part of the event too. It’s a day to come together and work together for a better world.

But it doesn’t end there: The IRUSA Day of Dignity effort extends to social media as community members spread the word about the event, the movement and the importance of this humanitarian work to friends and family—many become a part of the Islamic Relief USA page on Facebook.

Day of Dignity Manual

Download this manual to learn about planning and running a successful Day of Dignity event. Information includes logistical coordination, connecting with partners, promoting the project with the media and public, and effectively managing volunteers.

Questions? Please contact US Programs at

Organization Event Date Event Location Event Start Time Event End Time
MASJID AL-ISLAM, DALLAS, TEXAS 11/5/2022 2922 Martin Luther King Blvd Dallas, TX 75236 9:30:00 AM 12:30:00 PM
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