Please note: Donations made toward IRUSA’s Palestine fund may be used to support important emergency or long-term work across the country, or for Palestinian refugees in other countries.

Your Aid, Their Relief

You can help keep Palestine moving forward. Ongoing violence in Gaza, and devastating poverty has left many in need of urgent assistance. IRUSA is working quickly to send food aid to those in need. As of 2018 over 90% of drinking water has been contaminated due to lack of proper filtration systems. Currently youth unemployment ranks in the highest in the world at 58% putting many at risk of never achieving self-sustainability.

Islamic Relief has been providing humanitarian relief in Palestine since 1994, and Islamic Relief Palestine opened its office there in 1998 so that long-term development projects could be implemented and overseen by people in the field.

For decades, our legacy in the country has grown to help hundreds of thousands of people every year, with programs that provide livelihood support for farmers, help vulnerable children, and more.  With your continued to support IRUSA can provide more relief for people in need of aid.


Decades of political instability have stifled economic development across Palestine. The vast majority of Palestinians, living inside the territories and living as refugees in neighboring regions, depend on international aid for survival. According to the World Food Program, well over 1 million people in Palestine are food insecure, including nearly half of the population of the Gaza Strip. Food expenses can easily consume more than half of an impoverished family’s budget. And work options are extremely limited: Unemployment is close to 20% in the West Bank and a devastating 42% in Gaza.

In addition, continued violence throughout Palestine has severely affected the most vulnerable section of the population — the children. Many Palestinian children suffer from psychological trauma.

We continue to stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters and support lifesaving programs with the help of our donors. Read more about our legacy in the Middle East.



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