Strength to go on

Tahreer and her mother live together along with her step mom and half sibling. Tahreer’s mom, 55 years old, spends most of her time taking care of her daughter. 

Tahreer’s father passed away in 2015. 

Tahreer suffers from a severe disability in her legs which makes her unable to walk since birth. She recently has been suffering from swelling in her back along with shoulder and rib bone protrusion. This also affects her respiratory system as her lung capacity is decreasing.

Although she is 15, she is very small because of her disability. Her legs do not allow her to walk so her mother carries her everywhere. 

She has to carry her once a week for her treatment and most of the orphan support money goes for her transportation there and back. 

Never giving up hope

Because of her disability, Tahreer is unable to go to school as she needs a school specifically for special needs, but there is not one like that in the camp. Tahreer did go to school up to first or second grade, and then had an accident that led to her legs becoming worse. 

She has taught herself to read and write, and likes to draw, read, and watch TV. Even though there are a lot of things to do, she gets bored because she has to be home all the time. Her wish is to one day walk. 

Her mother wishes that she could somehow take her disability so that her daughter can walk again. She said she feels so bad when her Tahreer’s friends come over and walk around, but she can’t. 

Despite this, Tahreer has a smile on her face. She makes it a point to make all of her prayers on time, and enjoys reading the Qur’an, she has memorized some of it as well. 

Fatima, Tahreer’s step-sister – also is a sponsored orphan.

She wishes to continue to get this sponsorship and do well in school. She wants to one day become a police officer.

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