Alexandria, Va.  – Few days if any go by where innocent people in Yemen aren’t directly impacted by the years-long conflict. Their daily lives were upended a long time ago, but the suffering, and escalations, continue uninterrupted.

While the Yemeni people are resilient and try to create some purpose and joy under tough circumstances, it’s not long before feelings of devastation crop up. Whether it’s young children playing outside or young couples getting married, or patients in medical centers with scant equipment who cling on to hopes of recovery, nobody is immune from the random airstrikes or attacks. Bombs have gutted hospitals, schools, infrastructure, and other physical objects, claiming human lives as well. The attacks are on top of the systemic inequities that had already existed in the country.

Needless to say, Islamic Relief, which has worked in Yemen for several years, believes the status quo cannot — and must not — continue, as another anniversary marking an unfortunate event has arrived.

“Yemen has long faced, and continues to experience, one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. As one of the major contributors of assistance in Yemen, Islamic Relief has witnessed the immense suffering the people there face on a daily basis. Rampant food insecurity, poverty, and conflict are among the biggest that residents face on a daily basis, putting already vulnerable populations — especially women and children– in even more dire circumstances. We are aware of the large number of international crises taking place, with the most current crises quickly overshadowing the ones that preceded it. But given the large scale of turmoil and insufficient resources, the world community has a moral responsibility to come to the aid of the people of Yemen. We still urge providing humanitarian aid and formulating a diplomatic solution to the longstanding conflicts that have lasted for far too long.”



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