“ What a Relief Podcast ” 94: Superhero Talk with Tala AsheOn this episode of the What a Relief Podcast B.C. Dodge takes a dive into the comic book world, but we were lucky enough to be able to pull him out. B.C. Dodge happens to be our very own self-proclaimed nerd and connoisseur of any and everything that has to with comic books. Thankfully with the advent of cable tv, folks like B.C. can consume obnoxious amounts of comic inspired tv shows.

This is episode’s guest Tala Ashe is currently making a splash on televisions across the world. She plays Zari a “gray hat activist” on CW’s superhero drama DC’s Legends of Tomorrow who’s become utterly frustrated with the ill-treatment of mother earth. It features her double life intertwined with a struggle to reckon with the emergence of her own dynamic superpowers. Ashe’s role on the show is also dynamic in that her identity as a Muslim woman is intentionally crafted as a part of who and what she is.

Centering her religion is a pivotal of why Ashe chose the role. She asserted, “It’s very important to me to portray the character accurately with nuance.” The nuance took shape one episode when Ashe was struggling with the all-too-familiar hunger pains of Ramadan fasting. It allowed of short peek into the vertigo, deliriousness, and yes brooding sometimes involved in observing the religious rite. She laughed, “I can’t think of a show where you see someone observing Ramadan.”

As usual during Ramadan B.C. was able broadcast about Islamic Relief USA’s efforts to serve our neighbors in need. In partnership with Rise Against Hunger Islamic Relief USA volunteers packed over 30,000 meals. Though she didn’t employ any of her superpowers, Ashe work side by side with everyone who came out in support. The meals are packets of rice with soy, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins added. Globally, food parcels will make their way around 74 different countries. “My parent have always been social activists,” Ashe said when reflecting on why she has prioritized service in her life.

If you would like more information, or to take part in an upcoming pack-out, you can learn more by clicking here.

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