“ What A Relief Podcast ” 96: Growing Up With Muslim ArtistsOn this episode of the What a Relief Podcast B.C. Dodge and Mordant sit with Islamic Relief USA’s very own US Programs coordinator and international recording artist Naeem Muhammad stopped past give a live performance and brought us into how grew in to his birthed his musical talent.

Naeem spoke about his mother opening the door to art for him saying, “When my mother would teach me she always made songs. I memorized my math problems by using a tape she made.” He continued, “Her teaching allowed me to make music.”

Native Deen is the indie Nasheed group Naeem established along with fellow artists Joshua Salaam and Abdul-Malik Ahmad. Their growth over more than a decade has placed them at the forefront of American Muslim musicians. As they have become veterans in the craft he hopes that the new talent emerging will take up the baton. “We need more voices. We need people to see the Muslim community in so many different ways.” The playing field has leveled greatly for new talent since the days when he and his bandmates had to drive to Cincinnati from the DMV area to record songs.

Naeem is hopeful for tomorrow. “Now all you need is inspiration and an app on your phone.
You never know who your work is going to touch now,” he said.

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