“ What A Relief Podcast ” 86: Music and movies with Alman NusratB.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon talk to Alman Nusrat in this episode of “ What a Relief! ” – IRUSA’s official podcast.

For this episode of “What a Relief!” B.C. Dodge and R. Mordant Mahon speak with Alman Nusrat at the end of a 24-hour podcast. Late night with punchy hosts means that this episode wanders from music to a jolly conversation about Dr. Strange, Star Trek and Harry Potter, but first Nusrat updates listeners on his work.

When this podcast was recorded, Nusrat was working on post-production of a new video for the song “Seekers.” He offers a peak into the meaning of the song, with this chorus: “Lovers crossed, the seekers of the truth, guide us to where we’ll find the beauty that is You.”

This song touches on the struggles people go through in trying to find the truth, sometimes becoming derailed by brainwashing or pressures, he said. Symbolism in the song sheds light on stumbling blocks like vanity and greed.

“There’s a lot of messages in the video,” he said.

Nusrat also offers a hint of upcoming stylistic adventures.

“I’m probably going to tap into my S. Asian roots a bit and maybe do some things in Urdu,” he says. “I grew up in Bollywood and that’s always been a part of me.”

He has also been focusing on building bridges between American Muslim artists.

“We have a lot of creative individuals, it’s just about creating a network for them, creating platforms for them and just collaborating,” he says. “… The more content we’ll create the better we’ll be at creating alternative cultures, the better we’ll be at providing that alternative for Muslim youth.”

Nusrat ends the interview with a special treat—a song.

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