“What A Relief” Podcast 83: A Life Well Spent: 25 Years of Service and HopeB.C. Dodge is joined by Anwar Khan, IRUSA President, for this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast.

This podcast episode kicks off a very special year for Islamic Relief USA—its 25th anniversary! This feature begins to unearth what turns out to be an epically inspiring history. The guest of honor just happens to have been there since day one.

Anwar Khan, current President of IRUSA, looks back on his 25 years of service to the organization. Just this past year, he had the opportunity to perform Hajj, and it was the perfect catalyst to his reflection.

“It’s amazing. I was on pilgrimage, and when you go on pilgrimage, on Hajj, you’re meant to come back like a newborn baby. It’s a time to think,” he says.

And the main question he has pondered has been: Was my life spent well?

He takes us back in time to a younger Anwar, fresh out of university, who (like so many new graduates) had a dream of changing the world. When asked what he would tell his younger self today, he responded, “Calm down. But not too much.” He added, “I wouldn’t change that much. Because even the failures were character building.”

Tune in to take an emotional trip with Anwar down memory lane. Hear about his trip to Sarajevo when it was under siege, and what sparked the beginning of IRUSA.

“I spent the last 25 years of my life going to war zones and trying to help orphans. No matter what I’ve done, I have benefitted from being around some amazing people. In the darkest days of humanity, you also see some amazing light,” he reflects.

Find out what we can learn from a legacy of service and sacrifice, years of heartache, and hope that has guided the way.

“Your tears are nutrition for your soul. Get those tears to go down your cheeks and get to your soul and let the flower of love and faith inspire you.”

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