"What a Relief Podcast" 77: Making Islamic Education Accessible for AllB.C. Dodge  talks to Annie Tourez, of Fazko Education Scholarship Program in this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast.We have the wonderful pleasure bringing yet another “What a Relief Podcast” to you today, and the best part is that our host B.C. is live this time!

If you’ve been to an ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) convention you know that due to the barrage of insightful content provided a day can go past in a blur. Before you know it, it’s midnight and physical hunger takes over for the spiritual one you had throughout your time there. Our host B.C. Dodge found himself in the 7th wonder of the world, the ICNA bazaar. Literally, the bazaar is so packed at times you can lose your sense of self and fall into an existential crisis if you’re not careful. But Dodge happened to discover an organization’s booth that recognizes the need to address the hunger for Islamic education for our community’s youth. They also happened to be making the financial constraints of doing it, that much easier.

After realizing that her husband wanted to fund the tuition cost of girls from low-income families attending Islamic Schools she thought it was a good enough idea to put an organization behind. Fazko Scholarship program was born out of a simple act of kindness. Tourez explains how bright the future is for the burgeoning organization and where the Fazko team intends to take it. Tourez passionately states in her brief dialogue with B.C. Dodge, “We don’t want our community to suffer any more. This is why we’re doing this initiative as well.” Among many barriers to schooling, Tourez makes a simple case that a combination of financial strain on families, inadequate teacher wages, and unfeasible cuts to tuition create an unbearable environment. Just in a year, fully funding scholarships for 11 young Muslim girls has marched Fazko towards being a considerable help in the fight for a better community of education. “We want our schools to be able to comfortably educate our children” Tourez said.


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