B.C. Dodge talks to guest Ghuydar Bashmaf about Syria on this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast.

In this episode, Syrian-American singer Ghuydar Bashmaf gets very real about the crisis in Syria and how it’s affecting his family there.

Ghuydar was born and raised in Syria, and came to the United States at age 19. He grew up listening to Islamic nasheed—spiritual songs—and now he sings them himself. Right now, many of his songs focus on his love for Syria and his heartbreak for the country and people.

Ghuydar still has many family members in Syria. He says he is very lucky that they still manage to find the basics they need to survive, but they live in danger every day.

“They are in very charged and dangerous conditions,” he says.

He tries to speak with them every week. They don’t ask him to send anything to them. What they ask him for is dua, first and foremost, followed by advocacy to stop the crisis.

He says they ask, “Why is the world letting us be in the state that we are in? Why can’t we just end it?”

Ghuydar wants the world to realize this: “Yes it can be me. It can be somebody who I love.”

Hear Ghuydar’s message in song for listeners in Syria.

Hear his message to you.

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