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Andrew Hanauer talks about a goal to bring a very challenged American society together with B.C. Dodge in this 112th episode of Islamic Relief USA’s “What A Relief!” podcast.

Andrew Hanauer is the Director of the One America Movement whose mission is to build bridges and solve problems by bringing Americans together across racial, religious, political and geographic divides to address pressing social problems—poverty, opioids, racial tension and more. The organization has ten operating chapters within states such as Maryland, Illinois, and Oklahoma. In this episode, he shares the vision One America has for a stronger and more united country.

Finding a way across differences.

Hanauer has been involved in ongoing organizing and research to get a true representation on how politically and ideologically divided America. He describes this moment in history as a period of toxic polarization which he identified as the growing chasm between people of different political stances, faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

One America is a movement that Hanauaer believes can open the eyes of many. By creating local chapters that call multiple faith orders together as stakeholders for local and national advocacy projects. Hanauer says, “The chapters bring people together to work across the political divide.”

Coming to the Table as one

IRUSA has been a supporting force in realizing the vision of the One America Movement. Its particular focus on the opioid crisis the nation is struggling in has brought attention to one of IRUSA’s major concerns, public health. “If people don’t have meaningful lives taking a pill is going to continue to be attractive” Hanauer said when speaking of developing long-term interventions to the crisis. Since the struggles of addiction in places like West Virginia and Maryland are ongoing battles he wants people to understand that the solution will not come overnight. He put it simply, “There are no shortcuts to this.” 

As the One America movement grows IRUSA will continue to support the value-based efforts to improve our society, the quality of life for neighbors, and community among diverse Americans. “A lot of the work we do is possible because IRUSA is such an amazing partner for us,” Hanauaer said.


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