Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital was one of the 19 hospitals that received medicine through Islamic Relief. Located in the heart of the city of Kabul, Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital specializes in complex and chronic medical cases, with over 550 incoming patients on a daily basis. The largest department at the hospital is orthopaedics, with many patients coming in from areas of conflict, where there are a high number of casualties and security incidents. Internal medicine is the second largest department and surgery is the third.


On January 10, 2021, the first distribution to the hospital took place and over 37 different types of medicine were delivered. Dr. Sayed Abdullah Ahmadi serves as hospital director and expressed his gratitude for the delivery. He shared, “These [medicines] will help improve the well-being of my patients. This will decrease mortality and morbidity and enable patients to get medicine which we did not have, and they could not afford from outside, private markets.”


In the second distribution, the hospital received five more medicines and Dr. Ahamdi stated, “These are great quality items. These are items we did not have but the patients needed badly.” Dr. Ahmadi said he is thankful to Islamic Relief and hopes that the organization will continue to support the people of Afghanistan in need of medical care in the future.


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