The following is an excerpt from an article from The Thrillist  on How you can help Afghan refugees and Humanitarian Organizations. | August 17 2012
As the humanitarian crisis unfolds, everything from your airline miles to your time is needed.

Islamic Relief USA is cited as an organization helping Afghans in need in the following paragraph:


Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA is a large organization with a long history of supplying aid to nations and peoples in crisis. Current fundraising efforts are for the widespread humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The organization is sending water, hygiene kits, shelter, and for displaced families, and special support for orphaned children. Learn more about Islamic Relief USA’s work in Afghanistan and donate to support their efforts here.

“Islamic Relief’s country office in Afghanistan has identified the capital city of Kabul and the provinces of Balkh and Nangarhar as areas in need of immediate support,” Islamic Relief USA said in a statement to Thrillist. ‘The organization’s aid efforts are focused in these areas, where a large number of internally displaced people (IDP) are fleeing to seek refuge. We have committed $1 million to the distribution of shelter, food parcels, water, and hygiene kits to IDPs in these regions to provide for immediate and basic needs. Additionally, in response to food insecurity and impact caused by COVID-19, a $1.5 million response is currently underway, aiming to provide food support to over 90,000 Afghans.'”

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