Both the children’s parents passed away. Their father passed away in 2012 and the mother passed away in 2018. Their legal guardian is their maternal uncle. However, their maternal aunt is the one that lives with them. 

The death of their parents led the children to move from house to another house which made them sad and insecure. Their aunt then stepped in to help them readjust to the new home. 

The house is in a bad shape and suffers from severe humidity and mold, there is not much furniture in the house. They don’t have a stable income since their father was not Jordanian, only the mother was. So their income is from the orphan sponsorship and some from a savings account their mother had created. 

Their aunt talked about how she wants them all to be educated. The education system in the camp is really bad. They don’t exam properly and don’t teach children at their level. Students are at grade levels they don’t belong in and therefore can’t understand what they are learning. She wants the children to become well-educated and be able to take care of themselves, not because she feels they are a burden, but because she wants them to be better than them. She says she is illiterate, and wants the children to learn so they can make their lives better for themselves. 

Both uncle and aunt are supportive of the children’s education. But there are no remedial classes offered in the camps so they are not able to really follow what they are teaching. 

Shereen wants to be a lawyer, Salah Al Deen wants to join the military, Ezz Al Deen wants to be a police officer and Rimaz wants to be a doctor. 

Rimaz, was told by a family member to not go to school and even pulled out of school, however her uncle was the one who pushed her to stay in school stating that education is the most important thing for them no matter if they are a boy or a girl.

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