Tahreer is an inspiration, masha’Allah.

She and her mother live together, with her step-mother and half-sister, in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. Her family was devastated after her father passed away in 2015. 

Since Tahreer was born, her mother’s full focus was on taking care of her daughter, something most mothers do.

However, in Tahreer’s case: the care had to be different.

You see, Tahreer suffers from a crippling condition in her legs, and because of it, she hasn’t been able to walk–ever! The condition has been getting worse and impeding on her in other ways: recently,  she has been suffering from swelling in her back and shoulder, and has a rib bone protrusion. All this has affected her respiratory system as her lung capacity is decreasing. And as even as she’s grown into her adolescence, the condition has meant that she hasn’t grown much physically. 

As we noted, her mother’s full focus has been on her–and that has meant carrying her daughter everywhere because she cannot walk.

But, because of a compassionate Islamic Relief donor, she no longer has to carry her EVERYWHERE. Tahreer is receiving support through an orphan sponsorship , and her mother is able to use some of the money to get transportation to and from Tahreer’s weekly treatments, alhamdulillah! Fatima, Tahreer’s step-sister, has also received sponsorship through our orphan’s program, alhamdulilah.

Tahreer may have a frail frame, but she is fierce masha’Allah: While she is unable to go to school as there isn’t a school that can accomodate her special needs in the camp, she won’t let that stop her from learning: 

She has taught herself to read and write, and likes to draw, read, and watch TV. She makes it a point to make all of her prayers on time, and enjoys reading the Qur’an; she has memorized some of it as well. 

She is grateful for her sponsor and sponsorship, and prays that the continued support will propel her forward even more, especially when it comes to education, or fulfilling her dream of becoming a police officer, and, insha’Allah, one day, being able to walk. 

You can help more children like Tahreer and her step-sister by setting up an orphan sponsorship or donating aid to IRUSA’s Palestine Humanitarian Aid fund. Get started here.

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