RELIGION NEWS SERVICE: How to help Ukrainians today: Organizations providing aid

February 25, 2022 | An oped mentioning Islamic Relief USA was published in Religion News Service about how to help provide aid to Ukrainians


(RNS) — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing battles have caused devastation around the country and killed soldiers and civilians. Thousands are fleeing the country, while many are unable or unwilling to leave. Ukrainians abroad are praying and waiting to hear news from their loved ones, and religious leaders are calling for peace. In an unprecedented move, Pope Francis visited the Russian embassy Friday (Feb. 25) to voice his concern.

Ukraine is now more highly searched than at any point in Google Trends history.

Around the globe, people are wondering: What can we do to help? With high levels of concern about misinformation and dubious donation claims, many are unsure of where to turn.


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