“What A Relief” Podcast 62: DeenTV & The Not So Secret Lives of American MuslimsB.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon talk to Abdul-Malik Ahmad in this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast.

In this week’s episode of your favorite podcast, your hosting duo takes the mic at the godly hour of 6 a.m. So godly in fact, that the episode begins with the adhan for Fajr prayer. There is no time for convention on a 24-hour podcast segment!

The early bird guest is none other than Native Deen’s Abdul-Malik Ahmad. If he doesn’t get enough brownie points for showing up at 6 a.m., his repertoire of fascinating talents should do the trick with our listeners. In this interview, he shares his many passions outside of the band. Such talents include being an instructor for Silat, a martial art popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. He talks about how this particular form of martial arts was in fact used to spread Islam in the region.

In keeping with the randomness of the episode, an exciting cameo also occurs by none other than David Hawa, not only the former manager of Native Deen but also B.C.’s boss. He takes us behind the scenes of the Native Deen videos we know and love and shares stories of when he used to manage Native Deen (though sadly not a one of managing B.C.).

Abdul-Malik spends the bulk of the episode giving us the scoop on another project which has taken the forefront of his focus: DeenTV. This first-of-its-kind online entertainment channel highlights the lives of American Muslims. Its aim is to provide family friendly “halal” entertainment. The channel has produced many amazing episodes, including Rihla to Cuba, a 6-part series that follows Abdul-Malik on his journey to his father’s homeland of Cuba. The series sheds light on a vibrant Muslim community in Cuba that many don’t even know exists.

As for the future of DeenTV, he hopes to share more diverse stories and fill a void that currently exists in the American narrative.

“We’re trying to be a voice for the Muslim community in America,” he says. “Right now as a community, our voice gets drowned out by a lot of the negativity that’s out there. We have to tell our stories and be louder than some of these other negative things that happen every once in a while.”


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