Vehicles of Change: Linda Sarsour and Imam Mohamed MagidB.C. Dodge & R. Mordant Mahon are joined by Linda Sarsour and Mohamed Hag Magid at the IRUSA Grand Iftar for this episode of “What a Relief!” — IRUSA’s official podcast.

An activist and an imam walk into an iftar, and the result is an awesome double header podcast. Today’s episode features none other than “champion of change” Linda Sarsour and Virginia’s beloved Imam Mohamed Magid.

They were among a star-studded lineup for Islamic Relief’s Grand Iftar, and they found time off-stage to drop some gems of wisdom for our listeners.

“There’s a lot on my heart,” Linda says. “Let’s stop telling people what Islam is, let’s start showing people what Islam is.”

Linda effortlessly reminds listeners of facts about the work Muslims are doing to help communities in need—regardless of race or religion. She shares success stories, like raising over $100,000 in a week after 9 churches were burnt down, or delivering water to families in Flint.

She talks about the importance for Muslims to tell their own stories and take ownership of their narratives.

“We are 1.8 billion people in the world,” she says. “We are women who wear hijab, women who don’t wear hijab, we are of every race, of every ethnicity, we literally come from every corner of this world. We have been in the United States of America before it was called the United States. Islam has always been in this country. I understand my history. This is my country. I belong here, my family belongs here.”

And as always, Linda keeps it way real. When sharing an announcement coming out of Hollywood that Leonardo DiCaprio may be cast as Persian poet Rumi, she retorts: “I’m just like, really, is there no other wonderful actor of color?”

Linda is shattering stereotypes and urging her community to be proactive and strong. “Take your country and make it what you want it to be,” she says.

Imam Magid jumps in later in the episode. If you need a boost of faith in these last 10 days of Ramadan, his descriptions of the holy month will rejuvenate and reinvigorate your fasts.

“You feel this togetherness,” he says. “If you look around the room, you see people from every ethnic background. It reminds me that there’s a goodness in every culture, there’s a goodness in every community, and all of us come with value and traditions that enrich this collective experience.”

He takes us on a delightful journey back to Sudan and lights up as he shares his favorite memories of Ramadan back home.

Tune in for a healthy and timely dose of inspiration from two community leaders who are paving the way for young Muslims in America. Find out what led Linda Sarsour to become the activist she is today, and what Imam Magid’s first Ramadan in the United States was like, many moon-sightings ago.

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