Palestinians in Gaza mark Eid with mourning and hunger


ALEXANDRIA, VA –  Islamic Relief has released the following statement:

As Eid al-Fitr begins, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Palestinians in Gaza are facing their most difficult ever Eid and struggling just to stay alive, Islamic Relief says. A normally happy festival of celebration and family get-togethers is now a time of mourning and trauma for most families, as 6 months of Israeli assault has killed relatives, destroyed homes and starved children. While Eid in Gaza is usually marked with traditional family meals and gifts, now famine is imminent and many families will spend Eid without anything to eat at all.

An aid worker in Gaza, whose name is withheld for his safety, says:

“Eid al-Fitr is usually a time to travel across Gaza to visit relatives and spend family time together. But this year everyone is displaced — some are living in tents, some have lost their homes and families are scattered all over. Some families are totally wiped out with no survivors.

“Usually at Eid the streets in Gaza are vibrant and full of life. People stay out late at night, shopping and visiting relatives and having a good time. Downtown is full of colors, lights, music and delicious food. Every year my wife and I buy new clothes, toys and special sweets for our kids.

“But for Eid this year we are surrounded by death and destruction. We can’t go out at night as it’s too dangerous, with armed drones never leaving the sky and artillery shelling indiscriminately targeting all areas. Downtown is now destroyed, and Gaza city is like a scene from a horror film.

“There is no chance for people to feel happy when there is no food, no water and nothing in the markets.

“We hoped there would be a ceasefire in Ramadan, as ordered by the UN Security Council, but it didn’t happen. Instead there were more attacks and a raid of Al Shifa hospital area, killing many people and leveling more houses to the ground. Thousands more people are now homeless. How can we celebrate at this time? At Eid, how can I explain to my kids that their toys, drawings, beds and clothes are all gone?”

Islamic Relief is working with partners in Gaza to deliver daily cooked meals for displaced families, as well as other aid to support healthcare, tackle malnutrition and provide children with psychosocial support. However, Israel’s ongoing siege and attacks mean that nowhere near enough aid is getting into Gaza. Only an immediate ceasefire and full, unrestricted humanitarian access can provide aid in sufficient quantity and prevent massive further loss of life.




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