Due to the instability in Syria, Hoda was displaced seven years ago from the city Baniyas to northern Syria. Her husband was killed in the conflict, leaving their four children without a father and Hoda to fend for herself.

Not knowing where to go, Hoda took her children to Atma on the Syrian-Turkish border. She had neither money, nor a place to live with her young children. She was forced to live in a tent with other displaced Syrians from various Syrian cities. Hoda said, “It was very difficult, we could not continue to live in that place. With the difficulties getting worse and the deterioration of the health of my children due to the very poor living conditions, I had to resort to crossing the border into Turkey. I took refuge in the city of Yayladag, where I live today.” 

Hoda and her family lived below the poverty line and did not have a monthly income. She searched for a job but was unable to find one and was concerned about leaving her children by themselves. She had no choice but to depend on aid from humanitarian organizations.  

Hoda’s four children go to school daily and their ages range between 7 and 13 years old. She was hopeful that she would find a job close to home to support her children.

This year, things changed for Hoda. Through Islamic Relief’s Agriculture-Based Livelihood Project, Hoda has been able to find a job that is close to home. 

Hoda received a greenhouse and was trained in agricultural techniques, learning how to grow and sell produce. She is now able to provide nutritious food to her community and earn a livelihood at the same time. She also teaches the agricultural techniques to her friends, allowing them to earn their own incomes.

Hoda said that her prayers have been answered. She said, “I asked Allah (SWT) to give us the means to live a decent life, so we do not need to ask people to help us.” Now she has the means to support herself and her family into the future and does not rely on aid from humanitarian organizations. She also said, “I hope that this conflict will end and that we return to our beloved city, so that we meet our family and relatives, and so that my children may live in peace and security away from war and destruction.”


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