Hafsah Mufti

Fundraising Volunteer (London)

“I love Islamic Relief, the atmosphere, staff and volunteers; it’s a great place to be. I get great satisfaction every time a new photo of a smiling child is uploaded to the website. Knowing that the time I’ve given has contributed to making someone’s life easier is a feeling I cannot describe.”

Haneefa Qureshi

Fundraising Volunteer (Wales)

“When I first started volunteering with Islamic Relief I was extremely shy and quiet. However volunteering has made me gain confidence and become more optimistic and I’ve learnt so much, from leadership to communication skills. Volunteering is fun, I’ve made great friends and it has given me many experiences which have developed me as an individual. Most importantly, it also allows me to do something beneficial with my time, to help those less fortunate.”

Ish Saddik

Call Centre Volunteer (London)

Image: Ish receives his ‘The Supporter’ (Donor Care Volunteer of the Year) award at The Lifesaver Awards 2017.

“I’ve loved my time volunteering with Islamic Relief this year, particularly during Ramadan and the Live Appeals. You are trained in advance and fully supported whilst volunteering. The camaraderie and team spirit makes it an even more enjoyable experience. Without doubt the certainty of knowing that people near and far are benefitting from your time and effort is immensely satisfying. All thanks to IR for making these opportunities possible!”

Salman Sattar

Fundraising Volunteer (Leicester)

“I started to volunteer because I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives no matter how big or small and give them things we take for granted in everyday life. By joining Islamic Relief I was able to do this (along with a lot more!) and also make some great friends along the way.”

Shamim Abdullah

Fundraising Volunteer (Bolton)

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to give back help those in need and through Islamic Relief I’ve been privileged to help people from all over the world. Volunteering has truly blessed my life. Alhamdulillah.”

Tahian Ahmed

Campaigns Volunteer (London)

Image: Tahian representing Islamic Relief at COP22 (UN Climate Change Conference 2017) in Marrakech.

“Volunteering with Islamic Relief has been one of the best experiences in my life. I’ve had the chance to meet so many amazing people from across the UK and the opportunity to participate in exciting challenges, within the UK and abroad, as well as attend conferences that hope to make a global impact. Islamic Relief is a family of individuals who strive to make a change in the world and will keep making those positive changes insha’Allah.”

Zunaira Malik

Campaigns Volunteer (London)

Image: Zunaira representing Islamic Relief at COP21 (UN Climate Change Conference 2016) in Paris.

“My passion for environmental issues and Islamic Relief’s desire to up-skill their volunteers into confident activists has since taken me to two different countries for UN conferences. I have also been lucky enough to speak on a variety of platforms and mostly importantly I have also met some incredible people from around the world. Volunteering will always be what you make it but I know with Islamic Relief, it has contributed to my passion of a just and fairer world and has made me the active and motivated person I am today.”

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