Lean on Me Virtual Ramadan Campaign

This Ramadan, join us in our largest mobilization of volunteers EVER! When you signed up to volunteer, you let us know that we could lean on YOU! Now we are calling for you to join our efforts to let those in need across the globe know that they can lean on us for support. Despite these challenging times we still have work to do and people to serve – we need your help to make that happen! 

Viruses, like COVID-19, affect us all. Whether we have the virus, know someone who does, are practicing “social distancing” as a preventative measure, or are monitoring the spread of the pandemic across the globe, we are all immersed in information about coronavirus right now. We must remember that this is not a disease relegated to a certain race, religion, country, or group–we are all susceptible and we are all in this together.

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What is this virtual campaign? 

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity to create change across the globe. Pick an area in need from the options below and create your own fundraising campaign to spread the word and help those in need.

What happens when you join the fundraising movement?

When you make the decision to help fundraise for the effort, you go beyond just practicing social distancing and praying. This increased IMPACT is priceless, because it means we’re able to meet more needs of those who are waiting for us to lend a helping hand.

How do I get started?

Get started by creating your page today! Click any of the sectors below to start your journey. You’ll be connected to a page full of information about our efforts and what is needed. Read through the steps, start your fundraiser, share with family and friends, and get ready to make change! For more information, attend an info session or email us at volunteer@irusa.org

Lean on Me Causes

Dedicate your campaign to any of these critical causes:

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