The Islamic Relief family is deeply saddened by the disregard for the sanctity of human life that was caught on video in the death of George Floyd on May 25. Like many of you, we are frustrated, and disheartened. It is a reminder of the prolonged suffering of our Black brothers and sisters that we have to address. These are times that require deepened listening, patience, understanding, and well-intentioned action.

Islamic Relief extends its utmost support, reflection, and prayers to the members of our network and all those who continue to endure this crisis. We extend our love and compassion to the wider community who is rightfully angered at the senseless loss of life. Our heart goes to the family of George Floyd and others who’ve suffered from these fatal injustices.

As a nation, we are constantly called to strive towards the highest realization of equality and equity. As Muslims, we must be partners in the upliftment of the oppressed. When there are systemic roadblocks that prevent people from experiencing equality we must be diligent in our response. We understand the frustration of many and are encouraging peaceful action and meaningful change.

Our mission demands that we alleviate poverty and that can not be done without an anti-racism framework, as poverty is wedded to systemic racism. Our work is most effective when we listen intently to those who are directly affected as they are the best to guide our courses of action.

Our values of sincerity, custodianship, excellence, compassion, and social justice will anchor our next steps as we stand in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters.

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