The Islamic Relief family of staff, donors, and volunteers make serving refugees a priority, not just on June 20 for World Refugee Day, but every day. After all, many of us are refugees or come from families of refugees ourselves.

How You Can Advocate For and Help Afghan Refugees

As a member of the Refugee Council USA, IRUSA is committed to advocating and amplifying the voices of our Afghan brothers and sisters. Thousands of Afghans were evacuated to various countries across the world and so far, according to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, 50,000 Afghan refugees have arrived mainly at various army bases around the United States.

Listed below are advocacy actions and recommendations from our humanitarian partners around these key areas: 1. Increasing the number of those welcomed into the US, 2. continued evacuations from Afghanistan for those who wish to leave, and 3. creating full refugee resettlement benefits for those with humanitarian parole designation (and legal pathway for permanent residency).

Please consider taking all these actions.

1. Sign this letter from Oxfam urging Biden Admin to increase # of Afghans to US.

2. Sign this letter from Humans Rights First; Welcoming Refugees 2022.

3. Click on the links below to learn how you can take action to tell members of Congress to support authorization for Afghans arriving with humanitarian parole (HP) to receive full refugee resettlement benefits, supplemental funding to make this a reality, and legislation to ensure Afghans arriving w/ HP have the chance to apply for legal permanent residence:

4. Use this legislative fact sheet when speaking to Congressional staff.

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