Gaza: Islamic Relief condemns the killing of over 50 people in repeated airstrikes on Jabalia refugee camp


ALEXANDRIA, Va –  Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has released the following statement:

Islamic Relief condemns the killing of innocent Palestinians in Jabalia refugee camp after a series of Israeli airstrikes yesterday and today that are reported to have killed at least 50 people and wounded over 140.

Buildings in residential areas of the densely populated camp were leveled in the attacks, with one resident describing the bombardment yesterday as being like an earthquake, causing significant casualties and widespread destruction.

The Government of Israel has confirmed that its forces were behind the bombing of the camp, saying that they were targeting a high-ranking Hamas commander and had dropped leaflets to warn families in the camp to move for their own safety.

An Islamic Relief spokesperson said:
“The bombing of refugees in Jabalia camp is a terrible tragedy, and yet another instance of innocent civilians paying the price for relentless bombardments. We urge the international community to hold all parties to … to account for attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, and to press constantly for a ceasefire to prevent further loss of life.”

The Jabalia refugee camp is the largest in Gaza and sits in the northern part of the enclave, a particularly dangerous area where both airstrikes and ground operations are taking their toll.

The buildings in the camp were of a basic construction, which has likely increased the damage done and the death toll caused. Those living in the camps include families displaced from their lands in 1948.

Rescue workers are trying to dig people out of the rubble, some using their bare hands. The nearby Indonesian Hospital was already overcrowded before having to deal with the casualties from these attacks.

The Nuseirat refugee camp to the south of Gaza City was also hit by an airstrike yesterday which killed at least 15 Palestinians. The news of these latest attacks comes as the death toll passes 8,700 in Gaza alone since Oct. 7, with over 10,000 deaths in Gaza and Israel combined. Over 3,600 of those killed in Gaza are children.

Gaza is running out of water, posing a growing risk of children dying of dehydration or getting sick from drinking salty water. Hospitals are running out of the fuel they desperately need to operate their generators and equipment such as dialysis machines for people with kidney disease and incubators for premature babies.

Islamic Relief staff in Gaza thankfully remain unharmed, although some have sadly lost family members. They remain determined to do all they can to support those affected, even at risk to their own lives. Islamic Relief’s teams have continued to deliver emergency aid to people in Gaza since Oct. 7, including over 2.2 million medical items, 59,101 ready to eat meals, food parcels for 6,632 households, and water for 10,238 people.

Islamic Relief condemns the repeated airstrikes on the Jabalia refugee camp and other attacks on civilians. We are calling for a ceasefire and for much more aid, including fuel, to be allowed into the Gaza Strip.


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