can help support assessments in disaster zones
can deliver items like blankets and more to survivors
can provide vital support to the response team to enable them to move quickly and efficiently when emergencies arise
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IRUSA’s Disaster Management Team: The Blueshirts on the Front Lines

IRUSA’s Disaster Management Team (DMT) is dedicated to helping communities that have been adversely affected by disaster not only around the world, but here at home. When disaster strikes, DMT responds quickly to get vital resources to survivors as effectively and efficiently as possible.

IRUSA is a member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), an association that promotes communication and collaboration between organizations active in disaster relief as well as government organizations. IRUSA’s DRMT is also the first Muslim organization to partner with the American Red Cross.

Over The Years

Long-Term Disaster Response

North Carolina, August 2017 – Current

Eastern North Carolina has faced repeated devastation from Atlantic storms, including hurricanes Mathew, Florence, and Dorian. IRUSA has partnered with Carolina Rebuilding Ministries to support long-term recovery efforts in communities such as Tarboro, Plymouth, and Windsor. This collaboration has involved providing volunteers, 

funding, and infrastructure to aid in the ongoing recovery process.

Puerto Rico, September 2022 – April 2024

In the wake of Hurricane Fiona’s devastation in September 2022, DMT provided vital assistance to the community of Bario Playa on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Their efforts included distributing essential items and constructing “flood shelves” in 100 homes to enhance resilience against future flooding events.

Houston, August 2017 – March 2022

Hurricane Harvey inundated the Houston Metro area with unprecedented rainfall from August 2017 to March 2022, causing widespread devastation. DMT initially supported disaster assessment efforts and later partnered with SBP, a fellow disaster relief organization, for long-term recovery. Together, we rebuilt 26 homes for qualifying families and established a volunteer housing dorm to aid in the ongoing recovery efforts.

We Need YOUR Help

There are two ways to help:

  1. Volunteer
  1. Donate

$500 can support on-going reconstruction projects for people who have lost their homes to disaster

$100 can supply resources for temporary shelter work during evacuations

$25 can bulk up capacity to do damage assessments for the homes of emergency survivors

Connect with Us

Connect with our Disaster Response Team staff via or by calling 1-855-447-1001 to learn more. And make sure to friend and/or follow us on your favorite social network – use #IRDMT!

What We Do

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