Cleveland19 News : Food giveaway to feed the need in Cleveland as grocery prices soar

“CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A food giveaway benefits more than 200 Cleveland area families by providing relief from soaring food prices.

The Salaam Clinic on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland held the grocery giveaway for two hours on Sunday, after receiving a gift of $12,500 from Islamic Relief, USA.

The bright green grocery bags included bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, frozen chicken and beef as well as other staples. People who walked-up or drove-up received not only a bag of groceries, but bottled water, a hot meal to go and a home medical kit.

Duane Hawkins was thankful for the help, “Everything’s going up. So, you gotta get what you can, while you can get it.”

Northeast Ohio families realize a dollar doesn’t nearly stretch as far as it used to for a bag of groceries, that’s why the giveaway comes at a critical time. Mecca East is the Chief Operating Officer of the Salaam Free Clinic sponsoring the giveaway, “With prices of food rising it’s just important that we have services like this in our community. We were able to buy fresh produce and amazing food items for the community.”

Ricky Johnson told 19 News, “I needed this food.”

The Salaam Clinic is also Cleveland’s only free medical clinic. A resource for the underinsured and the uninsured in Cleveland, with free in-person visits on Sunday, and tele-visits during the week.

Doctor Sayed Shoaib Shah is the Chief Executive at the clinic, “We can do primary care, preventative care, we also have pediatric care as well as behavioral health.”

A free clinic and food giveaway serving the community during the holy month of Ramadan, but no matter what your religion or income, everyone was welcome as neighbors help neighbors to feed the need in Cleveland.

Another food giveaway will be held at the Salaam Clinic on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, on Sunday, April 24th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

If you need the services of the free medical clinic just call (216) 243-7924.


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