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Islamic Relief’s long legacy of humanitarian work extends beyond the Asian countries in which we currently have active programming. Here is more information about other countries that have been positively impacted by the generosity of donors like you. Your contributions to our Africa Humanitarian Aid fund helps fuel programs like these.


Islamic Relief launched its aid efforts in China in response to the 2002 Shaanxi floods. Following the initial emergency phase, Islamic Relief partnered with local population to build new homes in four villages.

Islamic Relief China then opened to sustain ongoing efforts. In recent years, IRUSA donors have supported inspiring microfinance initiatives and seasonal food aid in the country.


Islamic Relief aided earthquake and tsunami survivors in 2011. The quake was the biggest in the island nation’s recorded history, with a magnitude of 9.0. It created a tsunami that flooded cities, stranded over 300,000 families, and wreaked havoc on the country’s infrastructure.

IRUSA’s emergency appeal drew aid from generous donors to provide emergency supplies to quake survivors such as food, water, electricity, blankets, and more.


Islamic Relief teams moved quickly to aid the survivors of severe flooding in Malaysia in 2014. During that time, torrential rainfall caused flooding to an extent that the region had not seen in decades.


PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to IRUSA’s Asia fund may serve urgent or long-term programs across Asia.
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