Outside of our focus countries, we have provided essential relief in countries such as Haiti and Libya and remain committed to responding to the needs of communities worldwide when both possible and appropriate.


When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, we were on the ground to help. We responded immediately, delivering emergency aid to survivors.

We set up three camps which included water and sanitation facilities, drainage systems, food and water distributions, hygiene kits, and essential survival items including blankets and kitchen sets to prepare meals.

The £6 million programme covered more than just immediate response. We rebuilt three schools for over 2,500 students and new homes for 800 families, as well as providing vocational training and continued support to over 1,000 families living in Islamic Relief camps.


In February 2011, when intense fighting broke out and revolution spread across Libya, hundreds of thousands of civilians fled their homes to avoid the violence, with nearly 200,000 seeking protection in neighbouring countries including Tunisia.

In response to the crisis, Islamic Relief was one of the first aid agencies on the ground both within and outside Libya. In Tunisia, we provided shelter, food, clean water and hygiene kits in border camps and arranged play areas and classes for children.

Within Libya, we provided emergency food, hygiene kits and clothing and medical supplies, anaesthetic equipment and X-ray machines for local hospitals alongside fuel for ambulances. We also organised fun days for children to take their minds off the conflict. In addition, we removed over 10,000m3 of waste in Benghazi to stop the spread of disease to help keep individuals as safe and healthy as possible.

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