Introducing the recipients of the 2023 IRUSA domestic grants



Refugee and Immigrant Services


Arab American Association of New York (AAANY)

Brooklyn, NY

AAANY will provide Adult Education and Women’s Empowerment program, including English language education, mental and community health workshops and support groups, and Know Your Rights and other civic engagement training for over 600 Arab and Muslim immigrants each year.


Access California Services

Anaheim, CA

AccessCal will sustain its current case management and Zakat/emergency financial assistance program that provides wrap-around health and human services programs to all underserved, immigrant, and refugee populations who live in Southern California


Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (CIRI)

Bridgeport, CT

CIRI will provide social, employment, and legal services that promote self-sufficiency in local refugee populations. IRUSA grant funding will also be used to support legal and staff personnel to implement their programming.



San Antonio, TX

The Nourish to Flourish program will provide immigrant and refugees training to obtain Texas Department of Health & Human Services Food Handling Certification in their native languages of Pashto, Dari, or Arabic, and the US Department of Labor Culinary Apprenticeship Credential for “Head Cook” through classroom training and on-the-job experience in Pashto.



Houston, TX

Daya will provide a holistic approach to support South Asian survivors by delivering innovative mental health services, improving access to culturally specific case management, and providing legal assistance to immigrant and refugee survivors of domestic violence.


Elena’s Light INC

North Haven, CT

This project provides free, individualized, in-home, one-on-one, multilevel ESL instruction. Elena’s Light staff and volunteers currently teach three groups: Dari/Farsi, Arabic, and Pashto. They intend to support clients to become more equipped with practical English skills, enabling them to obtain a driver’s permit, pass the naturalization test, and interact with physicians, lawyers, and employers.



Clarkston, GA

The Welcome Home and Convenience Initiative is a program that aims to provide support and essential household items to vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylees, and immigrants. The program has two main components: the Welcome Home program, which provides personalized support and essential items to newcomers, and the Convenience Initiative, which provides washers and dryers to resettling families.


Global Emergency Response and Assistance (GERA)

Patterson, NJ

GERA’s Rebuilding Roots seeks to empower refugees through the acquisition of English language skills via a pilot ELL language program and to provide them with career opportunities via job fairs and training workshops. Programming includes Certified Driver education classes, led by owners of local school bus businesses.


Hanan Refugee Group

Milwaukee, WI

Hanan Refugee Group will train refugees to become advocates for themselves and their families on their chosen path to economic self‐sufficiency. The objective is to accelerate an understanding of refugee language and literacy needs and promote cultural and linguistic competency. Also to create collaboration with new partnerships that create new methods in serving refugee families.


Havenly, Inc.

New Haven, NJ

The Havenly Fellowship is a 6-month paid apprenticeship for refugee and immigrant women where they are paid for working in the kitchen and learning in the classroom. It combines work experience in their kitchen with a curriculum that builds the foundation for economic power, defined as access to a living wage, wealth creation, and job satisfaction in a career of their own choice. Their curriculum focuses on job readiness, ESL, digital and financial literacy, and accessing services and networks of support.


La Cocina VA

Arlington, VA

Kitchen of Purpose’s Zero Barriers Training and Entrepreneurship Center’s trains and equips low-income, unemployed or underemployed individuals, especially attracting immigrants and women to its bilingual Culinary Training Program with industry certifications that includes job placement with living wages and benefits. This program provides clients with any needed social service support during the program and two years afterward.


Miry’s List fiscally sponsored by Social Environmental Entrepreneurs

Los Angeles, CA

Miry’s List focuses on filling gaps in the U.S. government’s resettlement system, providing the things, people, and programming resettling families need to thrive, including essential items like dishes, beds, clothing and laptops, and programs like English learning, mental health support, career mentorship and community service.


Muslim Housing Services

King County, WA

MHS provides housing assistance, access to consistent and culturally/linguistically sensitive case management, referrals for job placement services, and regular assistance from MHS in the form of food necessities, gift cards, and school supplies. Every client in the program develops long-term goals in areas such as housing, health, education, and employment, and concrete steps they can take to reach them with their case manager.


Olive Branch Muslim Family Services

Houston, TX

Olive Branch will strengthen its financial assistance programming sector, along with vocational support services, mental health counseling, and outreach efforts. It includes conducting community informational sessions, psycho-education workshops, and career counseling; covering tuition cost for vocational support programs such as the commercial driving license (CDL), covering the cost of culturally sensitive counseling sessions for individuals in need.


Reading Connections Inc.

Greensboro, NC

Reading Connections focuses on teaching English language, digital literacy, and employability skills. With IRUSA support. immigrant and refugee clients in Guilford County, NC. Adult students will focus on increasing their self-sufficiency by entering a career pathway programs tailored for their unique interests and needs to learn occupational skills and gain employment. Instruction includes civics education and community volunteer opportunities to underpin students’ ability to advocate for themselves.


Refugee Assistance Alliance

Coral Gables, FL

RAA’s program provides wraparound, providing support across a number of different priority areas identified in consultation with our refugee clients – including Crisis Management, Economic & Self Sufficiency, English, Socio-Emotional Wellness and Community Navigation.


Refugee Development Center (RDC) (DBA: Refugee Dream Center)

Providence, RI

RDC will support refugees from various ethnic communities in their journey to adjust and integrate into American society in Rhode Island. It will target families and youth to ensure that they receive the needed case management through their adjustment process. RDC is seeking funding to support rental assistance and youth programming.


Refugee Women’s Network Inc.(RWN)

Decatur, GA

RWN will implement a leadership program for refugee women to become effective agents of change in their communities. Through training, coaching, and mentorship programs, they seek to build four cohorts of 40 women leaders. Upon completing the leadership development program, the women participants will be equipped to lead and advocate for themselves and their communities


Refugees Enrichment and Development Association (REDA)

Sacramento, CA

REDA’s Refugee Youth Mentorship Program (RYMP) aims at providing a safe and supportive environment for refugee youth (ages 11-24) – especially those with risk factors – as they navigate their new lives in the US. With IRUSA support, this project looks to decrease the impact of risk factors among refugee youth by helping them build strong relationships with supportive peers and mentoring adults and by supporting their academic progress and English learning.


Rohingya Cultural Center

Chicago, IL

The Rohingya Culture Center is a community-based social service organization aimed at serving the needs of the Rohingya refugee population in Chicago. The languages the Rohingya speak are rare and 90% of their clients are pre-literate in any language. RCC currently averages 500 new issues per month, with growing numbers. They will be receiving IRUSA support primarily in two area: case management and ESL/citizenship classes.


Sabil USA

Tustin, CA

Sabil is witnessing an increase in the demand for its Emergency Refugee and Immigrant Services Program. IRUSA will be supporting the following activities at Sabil: Emergency housing; legal counsel; education (ESL Training); mental counseling programs; and basic needs.


Sahaba Initiative

San Bernardino, CA

Sahaba Initiative is committed to promoting self-sufficiency among communities in need, with a particular emphasis on immigrant and refugee communities. IRUSA will be supporting them through Sahaba Initiative’s zakat program in the following area: Emergency assistance; mental health counseling; job training and referrals; food security; and case management.


Smart Development Inc

Cleveland, OH

Communities First focuses wrap-around within the communities that enable families and individuals to feel empowered and be able to lead lives with opportunities and the resources they need to survive. Wrap-around service including the following: workforce readiness and job development services, case management, language translation, and connecting residents to products and services they need with trusted community partners


Somali Family Service of San Diego

San Diego, CA

SFS’s Refugee and Immigrant Support Services provides services to low-income refugees, asylees, immigrants and other low-income individuals residing in San Diego County, Services include: outreach, individual needs assessments, acculturation and educational workshops, case management, emergency cash assistance, and access to other services provided by SFS and community agencies.


Syrian Community Network, Inc.

Chicago, IL

SCN aims to develop programming specific to high school and teenage participants–building on its existing programming with primary and middle school aged students. Programming will include after school offerings to support academic success and career development. IRUSA will be supporting the hire of a Youth Programs Coordinator to oversee recruitment of students and the planning and implementation of the weekly group meetings and other activities. This is a pilot program.



Portland, OR

The Immigrant and Refugee Resource Translation Project is a one-year translation project that will expand access to multilingual web resources for marginalized immigrants & refugees in the U.S. Their primary goal is to eliminate language-related barriers to critical resources and information for immigrants and refugees, focusing on communities facing high levels of isolation due to factors such as legal status, literacy level, language abilities, location, age, disability, and forced migration.


Food Security


American Muslim Senior Society Inc (AMSS)

Silver Spring, MD

The Halal Meals on Wheels wrap around services program will utilize AMSS’ county and community partners and its team of trained multicultural Ambassadors to provide life sustaining services and resources to 100 of some of the county’s most vulnerable, isolated, and underserved seniors. The grant funding will be used toward providing and transporting and providing meals. Also, staff and volunteers will check on the well-being of their clients by spending time and addressing other needs.


Bay Ridge Community Development Center, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

BRCDC will purchase fresh produce weekly, bag them and distribute to local community members in need. Grants funds will also be used to support staff and volunteer development.


FJV Foundation

Desoto, TX

The FJV Weekend Food Program will provide meals over the weekend and ensure both local children and family members have access to healthy and nutritious meals.


Manna Conejo Valley Food Distribution Center, Inc

Thousand Oaks, CA

IRUSA will support Manna Conejo services that provide a choice-model community food bank. Clients can visit the pantry every two weeks receiving an average of about 80 pounds of food per visit.


Masjid Muhammad

Washington, D.C.

Masjid Muhammad’s Food Distribution Program provides essential food and meals monthly for those in need. Their program will service seniors, homeless, low-income and other underserved and vulnerable individuals in the DC/Virginia/Maryland tri-state area.


Oasis — A Haven for Women and Children

Patterson, NJ

The Oasis’ Meals Program is focused on feeding impoverished women and children of Paterson, New Jersey. Its soup kitchen is open five days a week and serves hot and healthy breakfast and lunch to the 1,000 impoverished women and children. They provide them healthy meals, emergency food staples, children snack-packs for weekends. They serve 69,000 meals each year.


Peace Catalyst International, Inc

San Diego, CA

Peace Catalyst will connect food-insecure clients to low-cost poultry and meat vendors by supplementing the Pantry’s weekly distributions with eggs and ground beef. To further reduce stress related to feeding their families during the holidays, the Pantry will also distribute whole turkeys and Holiday Meal Kits to help families celebrate the holidays with traditional foodstuffs at the end of the year, once for Thanksgiving and once for the Winter Holidays (Christmas or the New Year).


Purple Hearts Inc.

Dallas, TX

Purple Heart will focus on street outreach, unsheltered homeless, and health and supportive services. They will serve hot meals to the unsheltered homeless 4 days a week.


Supreme Family Foundation

Decatur, GA

IRUSA will be supporting the Supreme Family Foundation’s established Halal Meals on Wheels Program in Atlanta. They have experienced strong growth and are focused on targeting senior citizens and youth with Halal diets based in Metro Atlanta.


 Healthcare Clinics


Clarkston Community Health Center

Clarkston, GA

Clarkston Community Health Center is a free clinic that is open to the public, serving uninsured patients who are 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). IRUSA grant funding will be used in support for their clinic operations.


Health Unit on Davison Avenue (HUDA)

Detroit, MI

HUDA is a free clinic that is open to the public, serving uninsured patients who are 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). With IRUSA support, they to hire one part-time, licensed clinical social worker in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions, patients’ access to community resources, and the management of chronic illnesses.


Iman Network

Santa Clara, CA

Iman Network works to improve the community’s overall mental health by giving access to dignified mental health care that is linguistically and culturally appropriate for the underserved population. With IRUSA support, this project will address the needs of a significant portion of this organization’s community: namely, the mental health and addiction support needs of the many low-income Bay Area residents,


Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA)

Fairfax, VA

PAMA aims to address the significant healthcare barriers faced by refugee communities. Through partnerships with local clinics, the project will organize wellness fairs centered around wellness education, prevention, and public outreach. The strategic objectives of the project are to increase access to quality healthcare services, improve mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, enhance community integration and social connections, and increase knowledge and skills related to personal well-being among refugee and immigrant communities in the US.


Universal Medical Institute, Inc (UMI)

Miami, FL

UMI Clinic is a is a Miami free clinic that is open to the public, serving uninsured patients who are 200 percent below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). IRUSA grant funding will be used in support for their clinic operations.


Community Development



Washington, D.C.

GOODProjects works to educate, support, and provide resources to families living in low-income, poverty-dense neighborhoods, GOODProjects works with community leaders and partner organizations to create pathways from poverty to self-sufficiency for nearly 500 families residing in the SW housing projects of King Greenleaf, Syphax Gardens and James Creek. Their model is built on focussing on strengthening the family by providing youth programs, financial literacy, physical and mental wellness, and parenting skills.


Green Muslims

Washington, D.C.

Green Muslims 2023 Environmental Education Program will provide multiple educational opportunities to help people develop a greater understanding of why and how they should get involved in fighting climate change and protecting the earth.


Islamic Social Services of Oregon State

Portland, OR

ISOS works with clients in eviction prevention and ability to become self-reliant through guidance and support and how to use the system when a need arises. While the beneficiaries develop the skill sets, and are able to access proper resources, ISOS make sure they remain safe with the basic living essentials.


Muslim Women’s Organization

Orlando, FL

The Muslim Women’s Safety Coalition will coordinate efforts in the Central Florida community to increase the physical, emotional and institutional safety and wellbeing of Muslim women. Through collaborative efforts, Institutions and leaders will increase their capacity and efficacy to support women in distress and prevent violence. Muslim women will have access to trauma-informed and compassionate spiritual and emotional care through a network of Hakimas (“Wise Women”). There will also be increased collaboration and resource-sharing between Muslim and mainstream institutions through regular convenings and the creation of a referral directory and network.



Fremont, CA

Narika provides support for survivors of domestic violence, especially South Asian & Immigrant survivors. Funds provided by IRUSA will directly be allocated to these immediate & important survivor needs based on the judgment of the survivor and their advocate and reported on by organizational data, advocate data and survivor reports & testimonials.


Noor Family Services Corporation

Suwanee, GA

Noor Family Services will strengthen response efforts to domestic violence in the community. IRUSA support will primarily be in staff salary, support of community outreach, legal, interpretation services, and support for client housing assistance.


One America Movement

Jackson, MS

The One America Movement equips faith communities and leaders tools to address toxic divisions in their communities through shared service. They will build geographic hubs where faith communities work together across divides, building brand-new relationships beyond the choir to solve community challenges, reduce hate and Islamophobia, and equip religious leaders to address those divisions in their communities of worship.


Palestinian American Community Center, INC. (PACC)

Clifton, NJ

PACC mission is to strengthen and sustain ties to Palestinian heritage while empowering the community. With IRUSA support then will provide, ESL classes, U.S. Naturalization classes, basic technology training in Microsoft Office and Google Drive. Community activities focus on mental health, education, life skills, drug use prevention, parenting, disabilities, education, and legal needs



Gaithersburg, MD

SciTech2U proposes to offer its Aeronautics programming to K-12 youths in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, and Washington, DC, offering underrepresented youth access to high-quality STEM programming in the aeronautics sector in a culturally responsive manner.


Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village

Flint, MI

The Building Dreams Mentorship program targets males and females between 12-17 years of age determined to be “high-risk” due to identified issues which include behavior, academic performance and attendance.


Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation Inc.

Plano, TX

IRUSA will be supporting the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation’s PIH program which provides emergency shelter for women and families, transitional housing and immediate basic needs such as clothing, personal hygiene supplies, etc. for those who are at risk of homelessness due to DV. Its services are free of charge and are offered to clients in conjunction with access to counseling, case management, and other social services to support clients’ well-being and self-sufficiency.


The Family & Youth Institute (FYI)

Canton, MI

The FYI strives create caring communities by reducing mental health disparities among Muslim Americans. With IRUSA support, they will accomplish the following: educate community leaders on mental health resources and how to implement in their context; use targeted digital dissemination to increase mental health awareness and access; and train and develop future community centered mental health scholar-activists to ensure long term pipeline of Muslim mental health promotion.



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