Winter is a difficult time for us all: blustering winds, frigid temperatures, icy roads and mounds of snow. But many of us can escape the cold, under cozy blankets in heated homes.

That is not the case for thousands of people around the world, who live in conditions not suited to cope with the biting winter weather — like refugees. According to UNHCR, “In Jordan, refugees in camps saw damage to their shelters from high winds and flooding while thousands outside camps, more than 50% live in substandard shelters, suffered through bitterly cold winter nights.”Already vulnerable and exposed to the elements, the subzero temperatures add another battle they have to fight to survive.

And through IRUSA’s #MyWinter, #TheirWinter campaign, donors share their warmth with thousands of people around the world, delivering items like blankets, mattresses, winter clothes and boots, stoves and other heating devices to those who desperately need them.



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