Islamic Relief USA volunteers are the heart of the organization. After all, volunteers helped build IRUSA more than 20 years ago, and they keep it going today.

Volunteers are inspired by the work they do. And even more, they inspire: from helping disaster survivors, to planning important fundraising events to sharing the humanitarian message with community members, IRUSA volunteers gain specialized experience while using their unique skills and talents for the greater good … literally!

And as a family, IRUSA volunteers are powerful and effective. Their collective, dedicated efforts and energy means that IRUSA is able to work efficiently around the world, securing programs for tens of thousands of orphans worldwide; providing psychosocial support for 7,000+ displaced youth in places like Gaza or Central African Republic; building entrepreneurial opportunities so that our brothers and sisters can break the chains of poverty that bind them. From Pakistan to Bosnia, Yemen to Niger, Afghanistan to Tunisia and right here in the USA … Volunteers, people just like you, help make great things happen!

Volunteering truly changes lives: The many people you help, and your own.

Make this your time. Connect with our Volunteer Management Office via or by calling 1.855.447.1001 to get started. And make sure to connect with us on your favorite social network.